[3830] KM0L sohp wpx cw score

Stephen C Lufcy km0l at unix.tfs.net
Sun May 25 21:40:22 EDT 1997

call: KM0L
cat: so high power, unassisted, all band, tribander es single element

1257 Q's  2654 pts x 585 pfx  = 1,552,590 score

time on: 34.5 hrs

band    q's     pts     pts/q   pfx's
 160      0       0                    inv L
  80      0       0                    inv V
  40    273     936      3.4           dipole at 65'
  20    857    1489      1.7           A4 at 65'
  15    113     208      1.8           "
  10     14      21      1.5           "
totals 1257    2654      2.1     585    =>   1,552,590

equipment: TS-940s , SB221 (800 watts)
           286 laptop, MFJ memory keyer

comments: Best WPX I ever had!
good thing, cause I never worked so hard in my life! Murphy hit a week in 
advance in the form of a lightening hit that took out computer, rotor 
control, and packet TNC. Turns out the TL-922 linear was also damaged. 
After sticking an old HamII control box in line and deciding to forget 
packet, I found the linear not loading right with low output on 20, and 
almost no output on 40, and no output on 80. Still used it Friday night 
running about 600 w on 20 and about 250 on 40. When I tried 80 and had no 
output, I decided it must of had damage and pulled it outa line- put the 
MLA2500 in line and found it to be a dummy load- nothing! Down to the 
last chance I put the old SB221 in line and it worked ok. So I was on my 
3rd linear and it was just midnight Friday- geez!
All this while trying to log on the old 286 laptop. No interface for that 
computer so all cw was generated by me and my memory keyer. This was WORK!
How did man survive before computers and memory keyers?
Ended up never getting on 80 or 160- listened a few times but not enough 
signals in the static to warrent tuning the rig. Got my 4 and 6 pointers 
on 40, which played well enough to keep the points per Q above 2.0. Had 
BV, 4F3, and 3L(China) answer my CQs on 40- Cool!
20 was the place to be for me this weekend, with some nice European runs, 
especially at the end of the contest. 15 opened a little on Saturday AM. 
Worked the usual LU's on 10, but there was some short skip on both 10 and 
15- some stateside Q's on both bands. I've decided that I would be 
dangerous with a sunspot! hehe.
Had good fun and got almost all 36 hours in. I like the 36 hour format.
See everyone in FD.
73 de KM0L Steve in KC

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