[3830] wpx

Michael McLaughlin at camalott.com
Mon May 26 17:43:32 EDT 1997

KM5BN single op/low power							
   																					40m= 136  390   2.9   119
	20m=  70   116   1.7    48
	15m=   2       5   2.5      1
	total= 208  511   2.5    168 = 85,848

      Well worked abt 8.5 hours total here.40 m was the best I have ever
worked(not been ham for long)Good opening into eu for the early part of the
evening of friday night.
Went to bed abt 2.00am local time and found out a storm came though early
sat and blew the vertical over on the roof.The band was so good that I did
not know it until the sun came up and saw the tip out the window,Now I know
ja,s were asking for repeats,
HI HI.Spent most of the weekend trying to get everything up and running
Murphy had a field day with me.RF into the computer on 15 and 20 which
caused it ot lock up and could not get keyboard running right.Sorry all
thats why I had problems answering back.The radio lost vox control so had
to tran/re switch by hand,and other things. Cant wait for fd here with my
new vanity call o I wont get people to give me so many repeats on my call
CUL all <km5bn at camalott.com>

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