[3830] G4UOL QRP CQWW WPX 97

Steve Muster steve at g4uol.demon.co.uk
Mon May 26 12:37:49 EDT 1997

                  CQ WORLD WIDE WPX CONTEST  1997

      Call: G4UOL                    Country:  England
      Mode: CW                       Category: Single   
      Operator QRP/all band
      Club Affiliation: CHILTERN DX CLUB        


      160        0        0   0.0        0
       80       91      182   2.0       15
       40      268      664   2.5      124
       20      267      364   1.4      162
       15       74       94   1.3       25
       10       19       21   1.1        5

     Totals    719     1325   1.8      331  =   438,575

All reports sent were 59(9), unless otherwise noted.

Equipment Description:
TS930S Indoor G5RV. Power limited to 5w due to indoor antenna !!

Whew, what a slog ! This years contest was a quite a challenge with
great condx on Saturday, apart from 10m, but awful condx on Sunday.

I am very pleased with the improved qso total from last years 624q and
also the overall score increase from 302k to 438k. I searched and
pounced throughout the contest and operated around 30hrs...90 per cent
of the qsos were made on Saturday, but some good dx was worked on
Sunday. 72 countries were worked.

I worked 520 unique calls and the best dx: 

40m ZL, KP4, EX, VP5, 3V and 7X
20m CE, JA, 4L, SV5, ZD8, 3V and 6V
15m PY, ZP and 4X
10m EA6 and 9H

I am not sure about one call, the guy either cannot send cw very well or
the call was correct at 8SL5PFP..can anyone confirm this ?! 

So, thanks to all who worked me and inspite of calling 3DA and JY8 who
did not respond I had alot of fun.

See you Nov in CQWW with a mighty 100w as GD4UOL !
73 Steve Muster  g4uol/gd4uol

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