[3830] KQ2M/N2NL

wh2z at juno.com wh2z at juno.com
Mon May 26 18:40:21 EDT 1997

I'm planning on doing a writeup with breakdowns, ETC.  Give me some
time....Im still
trying to recover.  I had to work today (Memorial day) and have a full
work schedule for the remainder of the week.  I'll try to have it out
before the end of the weekend.  I think I might also be able to put
something interresting about the difference by having a rare PFX -VS- a
common one....basically, the only difference is that I had to go look for
and work most of the rare-prefix-big-guns instead of having them call me
(last year when I was one of the rare-pfx-big-guns)
   Just by looking at the numbers I and most probably would not think
twice that KQ2M would have the higher final claimed score.  He had 5 more
QSO's as well and quite a few more 40/80m QSOs, usually worth more
points.  I am guessing that he had many more stateside callers due to his
rare prefix, resulting in more 0 point QSO's.  I guess I made up missing
stateside prefixes with DX ones.  I haven't looked at the continental
statistics but I know my stateside totals were way down from last year,
when I used to be KE2PF.  Many thanks again to Bob N2RM for use of his
station.  I now will quietly return myself to real-small-gun status from
home with 100w/low wires
  Bob KQ2M....pse let me know ur Email address...
73, Dave N2NL.....  still quite a bit wiped out from the weeknd

David Mueller - N2NL
Active Duty Member US Coast Guard, Cape May NJ

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