[3830] YM2ZW WPX 20m HP

Zdeno Sterbacek zdenosan at tr-net.net.tr
Tue May 27 09:13:56 EDT 1997

Call: YM2ZW (h.c. OK2ZW)       Cat.: SOSB-HP 14 mhz - Unassisted

       Score       Q`s   PFX        hours
     3.148.368    1829   613     approx. 35.5

Rig: TS-940S
PA : LK-500ZB
ANT: 3 el. 3 bander fixed EU, 7m vertical

It was a very nice contest as ussuall. Great propagations made it very
interesting. 20m was oppened all the time, so it was difficult to
deside, when to take the necessary breaks. Tremendous signals from
U.S. for looong hours, even a lot of W6/7 were well over S9 here with
my antenna just 3 ft. above the roof. Running into a very simple
7m vertical whip for many hours. This "antenna" performed well when
signals from EU, NA and JA comes through in the same time at S9 level.

My goal was 2.000 Q`s and 3M5 points. All was running as I planed, but
then Murphy shows up on Saturday late afternoon and crossed my plans.
Heavy storm with lightning came and S-meter didn`t drop bellow S7 for
3-4 hours. Just when JA`s were peaking here...

Ms. Yvona did perfectly all the background&kitchen work again. She is
really "Ms. Cook". It surelly helped me to reach out for my score.

Although I did a bit less points than last year, it was really a great
weekend and I enjoyed it very very much.

73`s, CU contests&pile-ups!

Zdeno, TA2ZW

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