[3830] WPX CW - W4AU, Single Op, TS category

John Unger junger at usgs.gov
Tue May 27 09:32:20 EDT 1997

                             CQ WPX SUMMARY SHEET

   Contest Dates : 24-May-97, 25-May-97

   Callsign Used : W4AU
       Operators : JOHN UNGER

        Category : Single Operator / TS Category, unassisted

Default Exchange : 599 QSO#

            Name : John Unger
         Address : P. O. Box 95
  City/State/Zip : Hamilton, VA 22068
         Country : United States

Equipment: Omni VI and Drake L-4B; KLM KT-34A @ 40' and 40M dipole;
           TRLog for logging and my cat Jinx for company late a night.

  BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Prefixes   

  40CW      173         173        758       94 
  20CW      674         653       1768      333 
  15CW       81          81        215       33 
  10CW        6           6         13        3 

Totals      934         913       2754      463 

   Final Score = 1,275,102 points.

I got to put in a full 24 hours this year for the tribander/single
wire category.  It was my best contest effort to date; I doubled my
number of QSO's from last year.  In the back of my mind I had 1
million points as a goal and am really excited to have achieved it.

Nothing spectacular to report, just kept plugging along.  Was very
pleased to have T30RT call me Saturday morning while I was running
(jogging?)  Europeans.  Just as a data point, I had a total of 91
mainland U.S. multipliers.  The TS category is a great incentive for
me to try to do well against similarly equipped stations; wish we
had it in more contests.  This year I just logged the dupes that
called me; it seemed quicker and easier in the long run.  Thanks for
all the Q's guys!!

73 - John, W4AU

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