[3830] NM5NM (AA5B) WPX CW, 40m SOLP

AA5BANANA at aol.com AA5BANANA at aol.com
Tue May 27 15:17:37 EDT 1997

  NM5NM (AA5B, op)  40 meters, low power  585 Q x 298 px = 575k

Decided to take our new club call sign (NM5NM) out for a spin. 
With NM5M also on the band for several hours, there was a little 
confusion (like EA6ZY, who insisted I was a dupe on my first five
tries to work him!), but it wasn't too bad. "AA5B" would've had
its share of problems, too, with AA3B and NA5B both in the 
contest full time.

Missed nearly all of Saturday evening (00-05Z) because of 
local storms -- the really spectacular desert variety that make
the antennas crackle and the feedlines sizzle! But I worked a 
fair number of Europeans on the first night and had very nice JA
runs both mornings. Was surprised by how well I could do with low
power. This might have been the last contest from K9RS's QTH, so 
I'm glad there were some good memories and a decent score from
the weekend's effort.

First contest with FT1000MP -- nice radio.
Antennas: Rotatable 40-2CD at 65', another fixed NW at 50'.
          Ground-mounted vertical.


     Bruce AA5B

        AA5Banana at aol.com

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