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Hi everyone.

This was truely an exciting contest.  Who would have expected such 
conditions on the high bands.  Running QRP, it was the ideal situation since 
it allowed
me to successfully call CQ most of the time.   The first 10 hours it was 
hard to choose
between 40 and 20 meters.  Twenty was wide open and rates were exceptional. 
 But my
game plan was to make as many contacts as possible on 40 and 80 so opted to 
through most of  my first night on the lower bands.  This proved to the 
right decision
and yielded nearly 300 six point contacts.

Saturday morning (local time) 20 and 15 seemed flat.  Took a second off time 
around noon.
When I returned 15M was showing signs of life and I found a clear spot on 
21.035.  I
was able to hold this frequency for nearly 6 hours without challenge (no 
small feat for QRP)
running Eur and US at rates between 100 and 130 contacts/hour.  WOW!  I 
still don+t believe
how good conditions were to Europe well into their night.  A brief sprint on 
10M even
yielded a few European contacts.

After about 17 hours of operating time the score was already equal to the 
old QRP record.
Based on the exceptional 20M conditions, a strategy change was made and I 
on the high bands for the remainder of the contest, forgoing the effort 
required to make 6 pointers
on 40 and 80 (one can take not being heard on the first call just so much). 
 Rates of 80/hour
were achieved on 20M until early morning (0600Z) when my body told me to 

In contrast, the bands were never as good the last 12 hours of the contest. 
 Twenty was
crowded and it seemed impossible to find a clear frequency to call CQ, even 
above 14070.
 15M never seemed to really open on Sunday, with only the big Eur. stations 
being heard
consistently.  A lot of search and pounce was yielding plenty of  mults but 
not many contacts.
 A few hours of snooze time on the beach were a welcome alternative.

Finished out the contest on 20M and managed to push the score above 4 meg. 
on a strong
run to US/EUR during the last hour.  I still get a thrill out of what can be 
worked with just a few
 watts and this contest provided lots of enjoyment when CQs were answered by 
7X, JY, 7X,
UA9, VK, VU, ZS, 4X, all so far away.

Special thanks to my Aruban hosts Humphrey and Corry and to Bob, WX4G/P40J, 
help lowering, repairing, and raising the 20/40 yagi in 35+ mph winds was 

Plan to return for CQWW Phone in October.

73, John  W2GD/P40W
jcrovell at   or   W2GD at

      Call: P40W                     Country:  Aruba
      Mode: CW                       Category: SOAB/QRP


      160        0            0   0.0         0
       80        47       270   5.7       15
       40      243     1436   5.9      153
       20      746     2229   3.0      244
       15      802     2352   2.9      202
       10        57       147   2.6        19

     Totals   1895     6434   3.4      633  =   4,072,722

Op Time:  32 hours

Equipment Description:   TS930S  5 watts
               5el Force 12 10M Yagi at 78+
               5el Force 12 15M Yagi at 85+
               4el Force 12 20M Yagi at 72+
               2el Force 12 40M Yagi at 72+
               80M inverted V at 70+
               650+ beverage to Eur
               450+ beverage to USA


               JOHN CROVELLI  W2GD/P40W
               1271 WASHINGTON VALLEY ROAD
               BRIDGEWATER, NJ 08807

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