Jim Pratt n6ig@netcom.com
Mon Dec 1 06:22:48 EST 1997

W6AX, operated by N6IG, from W6GO's QTH:

Single op, high power, all band, UNassisted:

         QSO        Zone    Countries
160      22          10        14
 80      88          21        36
 40     954          36       105
 20     539          32        94
 15     589          30        91
 10      85          19        34

TOTAL  2277         148       374  ===>  3,323,574

Two rigs, two amps, two computers, two monitors, two keyboards, lotsa 
antennas and great fun.

CLUB:  River City Contesters
TEAM:  Handkey #2   

Great start on 15 to JA, it even stayed open a bit after dark.  After 
many years of contesting, this was actually my first serious 48 hour 
single op DX contest.  I have always preferred multi-op situations, but I 
had the itch to "go it solo" this time.  I made it for 45 hours;  I took 
a 2 hour nap at midnight Sunday morning, that was a mistake.  I was just 
sleepy before the nap and could have kept going, but after the nap I had 
no idea what I was doing or why all these people were calling me on the 
radio.  I couldn't figure out the exchange, and was basically 
disconnected from my body.  (Of course there are those that say I am 
always that way, but that is a different matter!)  I operated for a while 
(I hate to think what may be in the log), then took about another 40 
minute nap.  I awoke refreshed and raring to go.  It may have been the 
cold I am getting over, overdoing it at Thanksgiving dinner, or who knows 
what, but I think I would have done better without any sleep.

I was very pleased with my score, just shy of the W6 record from the days 
of sunspots, but way behind any East Coast efforts.  

A great contest, sure better than Phone Sweepstakes without 10 meters!

73, Jim  N6IG

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