[3830] K0RWL SS cw SCORE

Steve Lufcy km0l at tfs.net
Sun Nov 2 20:59:42 EST 1997

1997 SS CW   
call: K0RWL  (@KM0L)
cata: Multi-op
sec: MO

band    Q's
 160       0     inv L
  80     240    inv V, HF6V
  40     378    rotatable dipole at 65'. HF6V
  20     510    A4 at 65', HF6V
  15      96     A4 at 65', HF6V
  10       0       "               "
total   1224     x    79 (sweep)   =>    193,392 score

rig #1:  TS940 s- Alpha 76a, pentium90 running CT
rig #2:  TS830 - MLA2500B to the HF6V, 286 laptop networked

ops: K0RWL, K0VBU, KM0L

soap: FUN stuff! We beat the MO multi-op record.
Last QSO was VY1JA on 40m for the sweep!! Wow- he was loud! That was after
we tried for half an hour to work Jay on 20 earlier in the day.  We had 78
mults before going to sleep at 2:30 Sun morning, and then didn't work Jay
until 8:07 Sun evening just as our clock turned 24 hours on.
Had all kinds of trouble with the computer networking. And then we smoked
the front end of Larry's 830 on Saturday night. Fogged the place up!
We will look forward to working every one on ssb with a special callsign.

73 de KM0L Steve in KC

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