Wayne Day wday at cq.net
Mon Nov 3 05:04:20 EST 1997

    Callsign Used : N5WD
         Category : Single Operator Low Power
 Default Exchange : PRECEDENCE A  CHECK 68  NTX
   City/State/Zip : Blue Mound, TX 76131-1519
	 Antennas  : HF2V and G5RV apex @ 40'
	 Rig       : IC-745
	 Contest SW: TR

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults   

   80CW        4           4          8       0 
   40CW       98          98        196      34 
   20CW       15          15         30       3 
   15CW       60          60        120      21 
   10CW       20          20         40       5 

 Totals      197         197        394      63 

 Final Score = 24822 points.
 Total time: approx 12.75 hours of 36

Best time: Breaking the VY1JA pileup on 15m (NOT during
the time J was talking about in his email!) on the first

2nd best time: Running on 40m with 10-15 QRP stations
in an hour on Saturday night and a couple of 'em making
noises like I was doing THEM a favor by hanging in there!

Worst event: Finding out that I really hadn't cured the
RF problem getting back into the CW keyer line on the 
computer. On the other hand, I didn't notice much 
computer-generated noise on the rig this time, so at
least some of what I did seems to have worked. Argh!

It was fun (mostly)!  See ya again in a couple of weeks.

 Wayne Day N5WD    wday at cq.net     Fort Worth,Texas,USA   | 
   CompuServe: 76703.376 at CompuServe.Com   n5wd at amsat.org  |  ,__o
 EMT/Paramedic @ MedStar Fort Worth  My work Phone? 9-1-1 |--\_<,
   Member: Bicycle Mobile Hams of America,LAB,LM-QCWA,ARRL(*)/'(*) 

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