[3830] KT1M CWSS Score

Wally Teto monadnoc at wgserv.crystal-mtn.com
Mon Nov 3 05:09:45 EST 1997

Operator:  KT1M
Class:  SO/LP
Section:  Western MA

Total Q's:     784
Points:       1568
Sections:       79

Score:     123,872

Equipment:  FT-1000MP
            4 element A-4 @50 ft.
            40 m. vertical
            80 m. inverted vee

Club:       Yankee Clipper Contest Club

Comments:  Wow, what a lot of QRP-ers!  86 of my 784 Q's (nearly 11%).
           My hat's off to them as I did that last year, and had to slug
           it out in a few pile-ups for mults.  Some of those ops had
to            send the exchange twice, fearing they wouldn't be heard. 
           a lot of you were 599 here.  I was worried that I wouldn't 
           find the new NL section but worked them at least twice.  The
           place to mount the "DX-pedition" is VE2...missed them last 
           year and it was the 11th hour this year when they finally 
           showed up on 80 meters.  Weird propagation on 20, being able
           to consistently work NY and PA from MA.  Murphy stayed away
           and everything worked flawlessly.  Sorry to those whose calls
           I bungled...I'm getting better each year!

Wally Teto / KT1M      Templeton, MA

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