[3830] K6AW CW SS

Stephen Merchant merchant at silcom.com
Mon Nov 3 09:05:13 EST 1997

ARRL Sweepstakes, CW
# B K6AW 56 SCV   (from AG6D)
Northern Calif. Contest Club
Hours Operated:  23:59

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults   

   80CW      145         145        290       4    1/4w sloper from 120'
   40CW      345         345        690      10    402CD @ 65', WRTC dipole
   20CW      342         342        684      12    KT34XA @ 70'
   15CW      383         383        766      53    "    "     "
   10CW        9           9         18       0    "    "     "

 Totals     1224        1224       2448      79   Final Score = 193392 points.

FT990, LK500ZC, TRLog v6.15

Conditions:  Good. On Saturday 15m was the band.  I never got anything
going on
20 to speak of.  40 was just ok.  On Sunday 15 again was the band, and I
got to
40 fairly early and did well.  80 was never anything much except noisy.

Sweep:  I had heard about VY1JA's work situation and was worried.  Went to bed
a little after midnight fretting that I would be the only guy in the NCCC who
missed Jay because I had crashed instead of staying up to work him.  Needed
and NWT when I sacked out.  Up at 6, on 15 early.  AG6D wanders by, I
mention I
may be on 15 too early and will s&p a bit.  In two minutes I worked MAR and
as consecutive qso's on 15.  Sweep at 1839Z.  Whew!

Competition:  This is the NCCC's big effort.  We plan to recapture our title.
(Being at AG6D helps a little because he is some miles south of everyone else
in SCV.  You only have to dodge W6NL, who is louder than God.)  I was always
just a few qso's on the other side of K6KM (K2KW) all weekend.  I don't know
how Kenny finished, but it was fun.  Also lots of competition from N6TV, N6NT,
N6RO, et al.  It was unreal to actually give N6TR and N5KO higher numbers than
they gave me (this only happens once a millennium or the first hour of SS.)

Thanks for the q's, and special thanks to Al, AG6D for his hospitality and use
of the antenna farm.

73, Steve K6AW

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