[3830] W6XR SOHP WNY

Natan Huffman force12e at lightlink.com
Mon Nov 3 15:33:18 EST 1997


175,656 points for FRANKFORD RADIO CLUB

Made 1126 QSOs and 78 sections in 21 hours

160 meters	0
 80 meters	195
 40 meters	708
 20 meters	140
 15 meters	56
 10 meters	27

Totals		1126 QSOs in 78 Sections (missed VE1)

Total Hours = 21.0


This was a fun contest....period.  Did break my own personal best for a SS
CW total and am pleased that I was able to do that.  Must attribute the
betterment to two things:  

First of all, the benefit of a second radio is significant.  I found myself
using the second radio more and more as the contest continued.  However, I
believe I have much to learn to fully appreciate all  the benefits of the
second rig.

Secondly...this was my first SS with TR Log.  What a product!  I found it
very intuitive and it made the contest fun and I was not mentally fatigued
after the fracas as I have been in the past.  Had no problems using the two
radios at all.

Started the contest on 15 meters, but just did not feel loud on that band,
so quickly went down to 20 where the same feeling prevailed.  Quickly moved
to 40 and spent a great amount of time on that band as the band breakdown
indicates!  Signal levels from California and the left coast were extremely
loud on 40 and at times, this band acted like it was 20. 40 never died,
regardless of the time of day!  The thought ran through my mind that I
could possibly have done the complete contest on 40 meters as I had
coverage everywhere sometime during the day and night on 40.  I found the
rate was good, particularly if I slowed the keyer down significantly and
took the time to work the QRS signals.  Really do appreciate all those
people who called in at 13 WPM or so as I am very glad to QRS when needed. 
Heard Jay VY1 from NWT and heard him trying to manage the pile up on 40
meters.  Some of the participants in that pileup were demonstrating
embarrassing behavior as some ops insisted on calling continuously and out
of turn.  It is most unfortunate that even on CW we have over zealous
operators causing problems for all of us.

Was really surprised that I did not do better on 20 and 15 as I consider
those bands to be my loudest.  80 was nothing great, but the Europeans kept
calling in on that band and that was somewhat of a problem after a while. 
Did not hear a signal on 160 (sweepstakes type) at all, so finally gave up
on checking that band.

In conclusion, I must say that this was one of the more enjoyable SS events
of the last 30 plus years.  For the most part, operators were talented, and
the propagation was good throughout the contest period.  It was a shame
that the 49'rs were televised in these parts on Sunday afternoon as that
game demanded my presence.  Also had the conflict with the season premier
of the X FILES at the end of the contest.  The 21 hours I operated is just
about the maximum that this broken body can endure on a contest weekend, so
I did not feel bad about not being able to do the full 24 as I have in the

I do wish to thank everyone who worked me this weekend as it was your
participation that really made possible a most enjoyable event.

Thanks to all....

Natan W6XR/2

W6XR/2 is the following:

All antennas are by FORCE 12

160......1/4 wave Ground Plane
 80.......1/2 wave rotatable @ 80'
 40.......2 el rotatable @ 72'
 20/15/10...stacked C3s at 85' and 45'

 10....4 el at 85'

Radios are Yaesu FT1000MP and FT920.

Amps by Alpha and Ameritron

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