[3830] N7TR SS CW...

Rich Hallman N7TR n7tr at rnodx.org
Mon Nov 3 14:00:05 EST 1997

<bigger>               ARRL SWEEPSTAKES -- 1997

   Call: N7TR                     State: Nevada  

   Mode: CW                       Category: SO/HP 1 Radio

   BAND     QSO     

   160        0     

    80       83     

    40      505     

    20      397     

    15      401     

    10       11     


  Totals   1397  X   79

        Score:  220,726

Club:  NCCC

Equipment Description:

FT-1000D,  Alpha 77,  CT 9.27,  Stack TH7's @ 102/55ft,

402cd @ 112, TH6 @ 56, Inverted Vee @ 102ft for 80.


-  I remembered on saturday night what I was going to do after

   SS CW last year.   ADD A SECOND RADIO!!

-  Spent the last two months working on the station. Installed

   1000ft of new LMR-400, New Aztec RF Baluns on all the

   antennas, New ground system...ect.  Most of this was to try

   and solve a new TVI problem that showed up this summer. Finally

   found the problem. It was a Radio Shack SWL Rcvr that was hooked up

   to a Loop antenna in his house.  My RF would get inside of it

   would create a REAL BAD mix that re-radiated out and killed 

   the TV's in the entire block!!  Of course this guy was a HAM also

   and told all the neighbors it was my problem!!  Nice guy.....

-  Bands sounded great, and 40 was the best!  In all the years 

   I was stationed at Minot North Dakota, I would have never thought

   you could win SS from there. Operated from there for three years.

   Looks like this was the year for them!! Congrats to Todd and Bill!

-  Worked several VE1's and VO1's so MAR and NL were pretty easy....

   I went into Sunday afternoon just missing VY1.  When on 15

   I heard a station move in just above me and the pile up became

   pretty much a mess.  I sent several QRL messages to him early

   on, but guessed I better QSY if I was going to make any more

   Q's.  I thought it was just a WY station and all the East Coast

   types were calling him.  After listening, I heard VY1JA in the

   mess.  He wasnt very loud, so I moved on up the band S & P'ing.

   I check back 15 minutes later and Jay was +10db!!  Time to 

   call,  Worked on the third call and needed repeats to get my

   report because so many insisted to just call anytime.  Im not

   sure if they even heard Jay!!   Anyway, Special thanks for hanging

   through the mess Jay!!  Were there any other VY/YU stations on 

   other than Jay??

                                  See Ya!   Rich N7TR



    Richard Hallman N7TR		N7TR at RNODX.ORG

    11870 Heartpine St		Ex: KI3V, A92FN, HL9RH

    Reno NV 89506			(702) 677-1106


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