[3830] W8CAR SS LP and highlights

Dan Kovatch w8car at netohio.net
Mon Nov 3 17:26:52 EST 1997

W8CAR SS single op Low power
             H     score   Q's  Mult
W8CAR  OH  23.5  128,388  823  78

Comments: I decided to be ready for this one. I had 4 antennas for 40 -mostly wire and 
used NA to have two radios (1000mp and the trusty 830).

First and only mistake-starting on 10 and after 1 hour realizing I should be CQing on 

Went to 15 then 20 and eventually to 40 thence to 80 . Looked at the second radio and 
listened a bit but to intimidated to make a '2nd radio' Q. Eventually got the hang of 
the neat NA interface and soon had the "xxxx waiting on 40" msg and -bam it's in the 
log. I believe theop here needs more practice but the second radio accounted for at 
least 35 q's and many a mult-just not NWT ! Second radio SS is fun !

I had my highest rate on Sunday morning on about 7008-go figure. My little DP is a 
killer on Sunday morning. Lots of QRN on 80 but the MP really shines under those condx. 
I also discovered that the 830 is STILL a nice radio and gosh-it's still kinda cute! It 

Highlights: CY0DX giving me his # 1 on 40 during cqing --- working 2 KP4 and one VI in 4 
QSOs in S and P mode --- hearing some guys who I respect as ops and I have a bigger 
number than them!-- Having a blast and my highest score ever-- and last but not least 
the interesting food my wife brings in -soup, sticky rolls ( I may not be able to run a 
rate but boy -I eat well!)

Next year: The sweep! More antennas! A beam with TWO directors so I can work the West 
coast and East coast on 20-10! 
73 Dan

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