[3830] VY1JA

J. Allen jallen at yecl.ca
Wed Nov 5 12:29:18 EST 1997

I am overwhelmed at the supportive response of the contesting community.
There were over a hundred messages waiting for me when I arrived home from
work today.  Approximately 20 ops have volunteered to come up and activate

In answer to your questions, yes I am SERIOUS about my offer.  I have a
free standing shack with a wood stove for heat.  It has an 850, a computer,
and an amplifier that is giving me trouble because I refused to believe its
meter.  It does work... at least for now.  The rotator sticks.  The pileups
CAN be unruly.  The chances of an aurora are still fairly high in November,
which means that you should bring a camera because looking at the pretty
sky may be all your trip is about.  The weather can go to -40 on the drop
of a hat.  The round trip tickets to Yukon can be in the area of $1300 if
you do not catch a seat sale and have been as cheap as $600 when things are
going your way. 

Now, that you have an idea of the investment and its lack of guarantees,
the up side is that you would be very welcome here and the shack would be
yours to use for the asking.

Is any one still interested?  If you are, I am sure that someone can
recommend a good shrink.

Thanks for the offers but more than that thank you for the support.



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