W1HIJ--Bill W1HIJ at contesting.com
Mon Nov 3 14:42:35 EST 1997

CW Sweepstakes -- W1HIJ -- Newport Beach, CA (ORG Section)

Band       Q's          Pts       Mults
80              36          72             7
40            114        226          19
20              99        198          10
15            133        266          16
10            102        204          23
                 484        966          75     Score = 72,450          18

Station:  TS940, G5RV, 40M Dipole, 20M Dipoles, 10M Copper Pipe Gnd Plane
                TRLog V6.05

Comments:  Great Contest!  More than doubled last year's score in fewer
total hours. Started on 10 (start high, slide down) and had a great hour
and a half before going down to 15. (well, great for me the "barefoot boy
with dipoles").

I'd temporarily slung up a G5RV so I had something to use on 80, and by my
standards it did quite well, producing 7 mults in 36 Q's, and much to my
surprise, the first ND (tnx WB0O) and K1AO in KY.

15, 20, and 40 were a real challenge to find a CQ frequency on. Finally
wound up at 21.080! But results were OK. Took a couple of long breaks in
late afternoon and early evening, then quit at about 0830Z for the night.
Started again at 1400Z with the rig already on 40. 

The GREAT EARS award goes to W0SD, who I called at 1403Z while I was still
asleep---instant Q---only 10 minutes later, after fruitlessly calling other
people did I realize that the output control was turned all the way down to
3 watts! I guess it's time for a "wake up checklist".

The highlight of the 'test was working W1OP, Providence Radio Association,
a club I belonged to back in 1955! And the op was someone I knew then! Tnx,

Sunday was spent going back and forth between 20, 15 and 10, just looking
for Q's. Finally ended up on 20 around 14080, CQ'g at a rate of about 35
(and a speed of 22 WPM). 

Thanks for all the Q's and for my second SS---next year I'll shoot for
doubling again!

73, Bill

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