EJSDXR EJSDXR at aol.com
Tue Nov 4 09:02:05 EST 1997

Call:  WA6CTA                                            Section: San
Mode: CW                                                   Category: SO/HP
                                                                   Hours:  22

Band     QSO        Section

160            0             -
 80           47             -
 40          147            -
 20          342            -
 15          351            -
 10            16            -

Totals      903           79                Score:  142,674

Ten Tec OMNI VI, Alpha 89, 6 ele @ 150', verticals, wires

The station was ready, the operator was not!  Had everything up
and running well before the contest. Steve, K7LXC, came by on Thursday
to r/r the rotor on his way home (if anyone needs tower work, THIS is the
guy to call!). However, by Saturday morning, a great case of the flu was
setting in. As I sat down at the start, it took longer than usual to get into
the swing of things. After about 30 minutes, I managed to get rolling.
Had some nice runs. I made the decision this year to do as little S&P as
possible (other than the usual search for missing mults). I think it paid off.
Had my sweep by 1840Z, which is the earliest I have made it. The only mult
I needed to go looking for was VY1 (thanks, J!). 

There appeared to be more than usual attempts at frequency grabbing this
year. Plus, the usual carriers and other nonsense going on. With the OMNI VI
and Alpha, my QSK is seemless, and it is interesting to listen to the
"activities" going on while one is transmitting. A quick QRL costs little
and makes everyone's life easier. It never took me more than a few tries to
find a spot, so I'm not sure what the deal is. In the past, I would move, but
decided to stick it out this year.

All in all, a great contest. Having to get up from the chair a few times to
calm down my flu (plus an extra hour for a nap) cost me hitting the 1000 Q
mark. But, I was happy with the sweep! Great ops out there (and some
amazing QRP signals). Thanks for all of the Q's!!


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