[3830] N6RO CW SS SOHP

Ken Keeler kenkeeler at jazznut.com
Tue Nov 4 17:33:03 EST 1997

Jimmy, please note changes from SCORES II:  Score, tot QSOs, no guest

N6RO    97 CW SS  Single op, high power;   East Bay section, club: NCCC 

<bold>BAND		80	40	20	15	10	TOTAL  SEC	SCORE 


</bold>QSO		135	421	286	388	30	1260	78	196,560   

FT1000MP/Alpha 76, FT990/Alpha 76;  stacks 40-10M, wire beams on 80m,
TRLog 6.14.

SOAP:  No lightning strikes here, but after two hours of arcing near the
40m amp, and resulting computer hangups and low rate, I took a 30 min
break during prime time Saterday nite to replace the amp with a 900w
spare.  Later found the problem was a bad cable.  So much for being
prepared!  Two radio operation was very productive, made more than 150 Qs
S&P on the second rig.  Decided not to look for mults, 78 called me.  Jay
usually does, and I had one antenna in each stack near north all day
Sunday.  Bad strategy, missed him!  I'm glad Jay stuck it out for all the
sweeps.  CU SSB, 73, 


Ken Keeler    N6RO

KO6N  and N6O(CQP 97)

N6RO at jazznut.com    

510-625-2707  FAX 510-625-9403

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