[3830] K9TR 97 CW SS Results

Mark Shaum mashaum at fcg.net
Tue Nov 4 19:55:52 EST 1997

                        ARRL SWEEPSTAKES -- 1997

      Call: K9TR                     Country:  
      Mode: CW                       Category: Single Operator/Low


      160        0        0        -
       80      424      848        -
       40      254      508        -
       20      191      382        -
       15      120      240        -
       10        0        0        -

     Totals    989     1978       79

               Score:  156,262

Power Output: 130 watts max    Hours of operation: 24

Equipment Description:  FT-980, TS-450S, dipoles, loops and a 
                        long wire in various phanatical phased


My first full time SS in some 25 years, what an experience!  Trying
dual radios with switched stereo headphones turned out to be more
confusing than helpful, I should have allowed more practice ahead of

I can claim my first ever SS Sweep, thanks to VY1JA and the lone VE2
who gave me Quebec early on.  80 seemed more productive than expected.

The D4 rotary dipole at 70 feet, even with the intermittant SWR problem
(dang Cushcraft traps) proved extremely usable from the "RF Black Hole"
of Illinois, with it's wide coverage.  Fixed bidirectional loops
E/W helped hold frequencies on 40.  The D4 will go back up for next

Bet I would have made 1000 Q's except for 25 minutes on Sunday in QSO
a brand new tech plus to general upgrade, who I do admire for picking
CW for
his first ever HF contact, albiet at 10 wpm.. trying to explain what CQ
meant while passing congrats on the upgrade, and attempting to politely

excuse myself was definitely interesting.  There's one fellow who I
will send
a nice note and attempt to introduce to CW contesting!

73, and cuall next year!  - Mark

Mark Shaum  K9TR
mashaum at fcg.net
Central Illinois Grid EN50

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