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Wed Nov 5 01:21:19 EST 1997

                           SWEEPSTAKES SUMMARY SHEET

    Contest Dates : 01-Nov-97, 02-Nov-97, 03-Nov-97

    Callsign Used : W7RM
         Operator : K7NT
 Station Location : La Center, Washington (30 miles north of Portland, Or)

         Category : SOHP

 Default Exchange : # B W7RM 74 WWA

             Name : MICHAEL CONATORE    K7NT
          Address : 14199 S. E. MAPLE LANE
   City/State/Zip : MILWAUKIE, OR 97267-1558
          Country : United States

        Team/Club : Willamette Valley DX Club

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults   

   80CW       90          90        180       0 
   40CW      467         465        930       9 
   20CW      407         405        806      13 
   15CW      358         357        714      56 
   10CW       18          18         36       0 

 Totals     1340        1335       2666      78 

    Final Score = 207948 points.

 I have observed all competition rules as well as all regulations established
 for amateur radio in my country.  My report is correct and true to the best
 of my knowledge.  I agree to be bound by the decisions of the Awards

 Date _11/03/97_____   Signed _Michael R. Conatore_________  Call _K7NT______

The first few hours were magic! I was ahead of all of the big stations that I
heard. Somehow, somewhere, I lost it. I think I lost some of it when I went
to 40. I think some more dribbled out when I went to bed, possibly too early.
Anybody seen it laying around? I know the second radio didn't absorbe it
'cause there wasn't one! Never found or was found by a NL station. First
missed sweep in all my significant efforts at SS. 

It was fun, of course, as SS just IS FUN! Many excellent and patient ops. I
was on a log quality kick this year so asked for fills if I had the slightest
doubt. Had a few minor pissing matches too, but that goes with the territory.
No offense intended, none taken. Appologies where appropriate. I was really
impressed by the excellent Q class signals I heard and worked. You folks have
guts and perserverance! More power to ya (so to speak, and as long as it
isn't more than 5 watts). Congratulations to the top performers in all
Mike  K7NT

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