[3830] K1TR QRP SS CW

Edward S Parsons esp at mvjok.mv.lucent.com
Wed Nov 5 13:47:13 EST 1997

                        ARRL SWEEPSTAKES -- 1997

      Call: K1TR (at N6BV/1)         Section: NH
      Mode: CW                       Category: SO/QRP


       80      230      460        -
       40      296      592        -
       20      216      432        -
       15       86      172        -
       10        0        0        -
     Totals    828     1656       76

               Score:  125,856

Power Output: 5 watts     Hours of operation: 23.5

Equipment Description:
Two IC-765s, output set to 5W
  80m: 2 el Quad, apex at 115'
  40m: Create 714X-3 Tribander (3 el on 40) at 120'
  20/15m: TH7 at 60'

As a result of the wild wind and rain storm, we lost power starting
at 0550Z.  This coincided roughly with my planned sleep break so I
went to sleep thinking that the public utility would have things
back up within 6 hours (maximum off time).  Wrong!  By 1200Z I was
brainstorming with Dean (N6BV) about possible solutions.  We decided
that the best course was for me to go get my 4 KW generator (for QRP!)
and a bunch of gas.  Fortunately I live 1 mile from Dean, so I was up
and running again by about 1220Z.  The real power finally returned for
good at 1830Z.

Band conditions were noticeably better on 15 this year.  Actually worked
some guys there, including KH6.  But as always, stations from the middle
of the country, such as NTX, will have the big advantage, especially 
on the higher bands. 

Between the rain static and the band QRN, both 80 and 40 had much worse
S/N ratios than in previous years.  The QRN was to blame for about 70
fewer QSOs on 80m this year versus last.

Never heard VY1 or VO1 this year.  Tried for about a half hour to crack
the insane pile up Sunday afternoon on K0NC for NE, but no luck.

Overall this was a very good time.  There is something really cool about
holding a frequency on 80m with 5W.  Of course the 2 el Quad has something
to do with that.  A special thanks to my host N6BV/1 for allowing me to 
pilot his excellent station!

Congrats to Top Guns N5TJ, N5RZ and W0UN! 

73, Ed K1TR
    esparsons at lucent.com

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