[3830] K8MR CW SS Single/Multi

Jim Stahl k8mr at barf80.nshore.org
Wed Nov 5 15:31:12 EST 1997

     K8MR  1997 CW SS  Single Op Multi Station:    
          (All B Power, K8MR Operator)
    W8AJ    K8MR     K8RM     AC8E     N8TR      ALL  
80   101     167      222        0      163      653
40   114     188       71      204      111      688 
20    65      21       51       23        0      160      
15    20       6       17       82        0      122
Tot  300     382      361      309      274     1626
Sec   70      73       71       72       62       76
  42,000  55,772   51,262   44,496   33,396  227,466
    5:05    4:48     5:13     4:32     3:50     3:28
   2100-   0229-    0414-    1756-    2309-           
   0205    0355     0747     2229     0300
           0802-    1526-                   
           0839     1726    
   VT       EWA      NNY      WTX    NLI,MAR     NL     
   WY        ID       ID       SF      AL,PQ    MAR   
   NE        NL       NE       ID      OK,MB    NWT    
   NL       MAR       NL       NL     EWA,SK     
  MAR       NWT      MAR      MAR      ID,AB       
  NWT        AK      NWT      NWT     WY,NWT       
   AK                 AK       PQ     SD,PAC       
   VI                PAC               NL,AK   
  PAC                                     PR  
Comments by station, in order of appearance:
W8AJ:      The first five hours.  The bands and/or activity
didn't seem very good for the first four hours. During the first
hour I was on 7028, working some guys with good signals, but
could use the wide filter and still have a clear frequency.  Had
problems with the 15 meter feedline, didn't get a chance to do
that band until just before closing time.
K8MR:  Home sweet home.  I was heading from W8AJ to K8RM when RM
called on 2 FM to say his amp was having problems.  So I pulled
into home for 125 qsos while he worked on the amp. Here I also
had the advantage of splitting operating time over two days,
getting shots at different propagation and different crowds.
K8RM:  The most improved station on the tour.  An FT-1000MP
replaced the filterless TS-930 of previous years, and the
difference was what one would expect.
AC8E:  A good station, but it again drew the Sunday afternoon
slot, when activity competes with football games and the
migration to the high bands.  At this time of day a second radio
would very useful even for fresh meat like me.
N8TR:  Unfortunately Pete's FT-1000 was back at Yaesu for
repairs, so had to use an IC-740.  Lots of blurps and blibbles
where there was probably really a clear frequency.  Spent less
time S&Ping, and the multipliers showed it.
My total score was up 23K from last year, a combination of
station improvements and better propagation.  Although I beat the
winning single op by 110 QSOs, I fell short of my goal of beating
the winning single op score with my combined score.  This year
apparently the top six beat me, vs. the top eleven last year.  I
think I may have to start doing some two radio operations if I am
to beat out the top guys.  Or persuade WD0T, N2IC, N6TR, WB0O,
K1TO and AG9A to join N5TJ and N5RZ in the QRP class   ;-)  .    
This is still the most fun way to do SS!

Jim Stahl
InterNet: k8mr at barf80.nshore.org
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