[3830] N5NU SS CW

Jason Goldsberry n5nu at inu.net
Wed Nov 5 16:28:36 EST 1997

                           SWEEPSTAKES SUMMARY SHEET

    Contest Dates : 01-Nov-97, 02-Nov-97, 03-Nov-97

    Callsign Used : N5NU
         Operator : N5NU

         Category : Single Operator/High Power

             Name : Jason Goldsberry

  Contest Exchange:	# B N5NU 92 NTX	
    Operating Time: 12:00

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults   

   80CW      101         100        200      16 
   40CW       83          83        166       3 
   20CW        0           0          0       0 
   15CW      256         253        506      52 
   10CW        6           6         12       0 

 Totals      446         442        884      71 

    Final Score = 62764 points.

Missed for sweep: YU, NL, MAR, NE, WY, AK, AL, NFL (!)
Never heard: AL, NFL, MAR, NL, WY

  Can't believe I missed NFL.  That's like missing WNY or OH something.
Also, IL had me worried for a little bit.  Never even heard one on the air.
 However, was able to get NP2L to answer my CQ on 15 so that was OK.  
  I think that I ruined this contest effort before I even started it.  On
Friday morning, I had to get up at 4:00 AM to work on unfinished homework.
Worked on it for 3 1/2 hours before I got ready for school.  There was a
party that night at the school and it was Midnight before I got in.  After
my 20-hour day, I simply didn't get enough sleep to feel energetic for a
  I got through replacing the blown fuses that had came in the mail that
day. Anyway, decided that 20 was probably going to be wall-to-wall before
the contest.  I didn't even check it, and just (carefully) tuned it up on
15 meters before the contest.  Before the contest, everything was really
hot with +40 signal reports.  Once the contest started, things slowed down.
 Had combined 117 first two hours, but things died in the 3rd hour.  

  Maybe it was because the band died, or maybe that I was tired of wearing
headphones and digging stuff out of the QRM, but I took a break.  I came
back and it wasn't much better.  Then took a break to go to a
post-Halloween party that was really sorry.  Came home after 2 hours.
Never did really get going after that.  had a 43-hour on 3591 which
surprised me. 

  The next morning was church which lost me several hours.  In the
afternoon things topped out at about a 55-hour but had to go to town and
then back to church.  By the way, blew another set of fuses on 15 meters
(again).  Don't know why; wasn't even transmitting, just turning the
antenna when I turned it on.  

  After I came back, changed fuses and operated the last 20 minutes.
Anyway, see you in the rest of the contests this year with better efforts.
Afterall, the partys are over :-).

73, Jason N5NU  
n5nu at inu.net
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