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JHFitzJr at aol.com JHFitzJr at aol.com
Thu Nov 6 17:01:34 EST 1997

Station: WI9WI
Class: Single operator, HighPower (no packet)
Section: WI

WI9WI      WI           24         163,086     1059          77

80  -  202
40  -  362
20  -  465
15  -   30

Sections never heard - MAR
Sections heard several times but couldn't work - VE4

Gear: IC-765, AL-82 (run at 800 watts), Laptop  with CT. 80 - short vertical,
dipole at 50 ft. 40 - Cushcraft at 95 ft. 20 - 204 BAs at 100 and 60 ft, A-3
at 30 ft fixed SE. 15 - 155BA at 60 ft, A-3, 10 - who cares. 3 short

Best QSO - VY1JA who called me on 80 meters Saturday night giving me NR 3.
Thanks Jay!
Strangest QSOs - Several UA0s who INSISTED on working me on 40 and 80 late
Saturday night. I finally worked 'em just to get rid of them.
Band comments:
80 - my best band Saturday night. I don't have very good antennas on this
band, but 40 was much noisier. The short Beverages really helped with QRM
(they are quite directional, and quiet.)
40 - VERY noisy Sat nite - I guess from all those Southeastern storms.
Finally went to 80 after only about 75 QSOs. Was very good Sun AM til I went
to 20, and Sun nite to close out the contest. The Beverages helped here too.
20 - This is the band I have my best antennas. Staked out 14028 to start the
test, and played it for about 260 QSOs before going to forty. Spent most of
Sun PM there.
Very quiet, lots of activity.
15 - Spent about 30 - 40 minutes there Sun PM. Most of the stations calling
CQ were 6s and 7s I had already worked on the other bands. Ran the band.
CQing was ineffective, but did get KP2 and VO1 there. Very loud signals.
10 - Didn't bother

All in all my best SS ever. First time over 1000 QSOs, best score ever. Only
one minor computer problem, easily fixed.


 Jim WI9WI

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