[3830] N7WA SS CW Score, SO, LP

Dinkelman,Mike mdinkelm at physio-control.com
Fri Nov 7 07:20:00 EST 1997

                            SWEEPSTAKES SUMMARY SHEET

Callsign Used : N7WA
Operator : N7WA
Category : SO LP
Hours : 18

Name : Michael Dinkelman
City/State/Zip : Kent, WA 98042

Team/Club : Western Washington DX Club

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults

   80CW       38          38         74       6
   40CW       63          63        126       8
   20CW      192         192        382      37
   15CW       60          60        120      16
   10CW        5           5         10       0

 Totals      358         358        712      67

    Final Score = 47704 points.

	S9+20dB noise levels (power lines - I'm sure) across 80-15 made it
pretty difficult to work anybody. We had a tree fall into the High
Lines, up the block, earlier in the week and I think the poles closer to
home got jerked around and need some work. I've called in the local
utilities so I hope they are helpful. To actually get on the air, I had
to hang my ANC-4 noise canceler ( a very useful device) sense antenna
from a nail at the bottom of the pole. Doing this, I was able to kill a
lot of the noise but the canceler required constant tweaking as I moved
around the bands. Thanks to everybody who waited through all the fill
requests. Looking forward to a "quieter" times.

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