[3830] Re: SS - Mults/Sweeping, why do we fall to this addiction?

K4OJ at aol.com K4OJ at aol.com
Fri Nov 7 22:27:49 EST 1997

In a message dated 97-11-07 22:03:56 EST, w4au wrote:

<< And, of course worked a couple more Ne's before the end of things.  >>

It is so wierd the way this always happens with a coupla sections, you are
s******* bricks about missing that normally no problem mult.....finally you
work one and feel relieved........only to work another two in the ensuing 15
minutes and realise you are beating yourself up over nothing!

In the end SS scores are not as driven multipliers as other contests, but the
"hold" the Sweep has on all of us can become overpowering!  Two years ago I
was single op and ended up fourth....the only stn in the top ten not to sweep
- because I didn't let it get to me - this year just the opposite, when VY1JA
shut down the first time after saying he was "mad as a hornet" - I feared a
non-sweep, and went from s/o to mulri/op - how else would I find a
VE8/VY1.....only later to find that HEAH, there's J again back on the air
andshortly therafter I bagged him.....go figure!

Whatever....no matter what: SS rules. it is wihtout doubt my favorite
contest....where else can you call two CQs on the first rig while copying
your exchange on the second rig?

Still digesting the log on the 486...summary to follow this weekend (did you
know you should have the DATE the same on both your computers when you
network......ooops! - back to editing)


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