[3830] KK7GW CW SS M/S Score, comments

David Jones kk7gw at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 10 13:50:02 EST 1997

      CALL: KK7GW                    COUNTRY: USA
      MODE: CW                       CLASS: MS


      160        0        0           0
       80        1        2           0 <No antenna means no contacts>
       40      121      242          26 <There's no meters like 40>
       20       28       56           6 <Didn't feel loud>
       15       40       80          18 <Surprising band>
       10        0        0           0

     Totals    190      380        50   =>  19,000

Power Output: 100 watts

Operator List: KK7GW, KC7DZZ

Equipment Description:
Kenwood TS-530S, Vectronics Antenna Tuner
Dipole cut for 40m, 25'

A very interesting contest.  Almost met my goal of 200, but fell 10 
short after the 1 dupe I had. I didn't operate even close to 24 hours, 
more like 13 or so. 40 was the band, followed by 15 and 20 (with 1 on 
80).  Lots and lots of California, due to being here in WWA.  First time 
ever trying to run, and had mixed results. Got a
real nice run going in the morning on Sunday, with California, 7-land 
and 0-land.  That run got broken up when my parents decided I had to go 
to church (the disadvantages of being a 14 year old contester...)
One question: Where was Canada???  I only worked AB, and only heard AB 
and MB, and couldn't find anyone else.  

Murphy paid a visit as usual. The computer Andy, KC7DZZ
brought crashed and we went without it for a lot of hours.
Phone SS will be very interesting, will be operating from Andy's 
KC7DZZ's station, but since I just passed Extra and he's a General, 
we'll be using my call. Look forward to
working you all in Phone SS, goal is 600 this year.


David Jones, KK7GW
hi068 at cleveland.freenet.edu
kk7gw at hotmail.com

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