[3830] AD6DO SS CW lp

KC6CNV at aol.com KC6CNV at aol.com
Thu Nov 13 20:28:30 EST 1997

                            SWEEPSTAKES SUMMARY SHEET

    Contest Dates : 01-Nov-97, 02-Nov-97, 03-Nov-97

    Callsign Used : AD6DO
         Operator : AD6DO

         Category : SOLP

 Default Exchange : A AD6DO 89 ORG

             Name : Daniel M. Craig
          Address : 200 Barcelona Circle
   City/State/Zip : Fullerton, CA 92835
          Country : United States

        Team/Club : SCCC

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults   

   80CW       98          98        196       3 
   40CW      345         345        690      14 
   20CW      515         515       1028      38 
   15CW      118         118        236       3 
   10CW       65          65        128      21 

 Totals     1141        1141       2278      79 

    Final Score = 179962 points.

This was my first contests with my new call, AD6DO.  I will probably keep
until the end of next year.  This was my first sweep, and it was accomplished
when VY1JA called me on 15.  This was also my first time that I passed the
1000 Q mark in SS.  Several people got my callsign incorrect =(   Im having
some antenna difficulty, as my 20/40 tower is stuck at 60 deg. I was going to
climb the tower to see if I could do anything, but I got about 5 feet off the
ground and decided I will let someone else try.  I hope I will be allowed to
get in the SSB SS, I still have to run that idea by my dad.  He found out my
school grades are bad, so I might not be allowed to get in any more contests
this year, but its my fault….

73, Daniel Craig, AD6DO, age 17  (ex KC6CNV, KQ6SC)

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