[3830] W0R SS ssb multi-op score

Steve Lufcy km0l at tfs.net
Sun Nov 16 21:37:33 EST 1997

                                    1997 ARRL Sweepstakes SSB -- 1997
call: W0R  (@NX0I)
cata: multi-op
sec: MO

W0R (@NX0I)   multi-op   MO    1923 Q's   x   79 mults  => 303,834

Band      Q's       sec's  
 160         10                 2 phased verticals
  80         337                4 square
  40         843                inv V at 70'
  20         627                stacked kt34xa's at 90' and 50'
  15         103                stacked kt34xa's, 7 ele at 90'
  10            3                            "              8 ele at 60'
total       1923    x   79        =>    303,834 score

ops: NX0I + K0RWL, K0VBU, KM0L, N6TDM
guests: KG0US, KG0UT, KB0VVT

rig #1) TS-940sat, Alpha 76a, Heil HC4, pentium running CT9
rig #2) TS-940sat, Alpha 77, Heil HC4, Pentium networked

soap: Special 1 x 1 call was courtesy of Raytown (Mo) ARC for "Raytown
Roundupn Days" - QSL via KM0L. We had fun with call and gave it maximum
exposure, so everyone is happy! The 1 x 1 caused confusion when we answered
cq's- we kept having to tell them "THAT's IT". When we were calling cq
there was no confusion.
We had our sweep at 07:30 z when NP4A answered our cq on 80 meters. That
was cool! We ended our 24 hours at 01:00 z, which was two hours before the
end. I think this was probably good strategy since the Sunday evening rates
on 40 and 80 were the pits. We had good rate on 40 up until about 23:00
when it got dark, then the bands got noisey and went long. We were using
beverages to recieve on 40. 
Also, we used an inv V on 40 instead of Jerry's 3 ele at 120 feet thinking
the V would be better for statesides- guess that was correct as 40 was THE
band as can be seen by the breakdown.
Great fun! Let's do it again!
73 de KM0L Steve in KC

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