[3830] W6V SOHP SS Phone

Jim Pratt n6ig at netcom.com
Mon Nov 17 09:17:59 EST 1997

W6V (N6IG operator at W6GO) score, phone SS:

10     74
15    405
20    694
40    732
75     85
TOT  1990 x 79 ===> 314,420

One radio, high power, 23.999 hours operating time

Score for River City Contesters.


1) I don't think the 1x1 call was either an advantage or a disadvantage.  
A few people couldn't copy it OK, but not a problem.  And the rate wasn't 
any higher than usual, so at best it was an interesting novelty.  (Had it 
been CW, I am sure it would have been more of a problem, though.)

2) A very frustrating weekend.  I felt like I was in a black hole, 
propagation-wise.  I would listen to people in SoCal, or N7TR, running 
stations I couldn't hear.  I would then go up band from N7TR and call CQ, 
he would get a pileup and I would just call CQ.  Is he really that much 
louder than I was?  Anyway, great job, Rich, wait till next year!

3) I got accused of "wiping out the entire Heathkit net" on the high end 
of 20 meters Sunday morning.  Then the person who told me that (without a 
call, of course) started cussing me out over and over.  I had to bite my 
tongue from saying to the Heathit people "gee, if you had a better rig, 
maybe you wouldn't have had such a problem".

4) Looking forward to the return of 10 meters, the first 20 minutes or so 
was pretty good, then it was like someone threw a switch.

5) Last mult was NL, worked two VE8/VY1s.

73, Jim  N6IG

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