EJSDXR at aol.com EJSDXR at aol.com
Mon Nov 17 10:50:38 EST 1997

Call:  WA6CTA                     Section: SF
Mode: SSB                          Category: SO/HP

Band        QSO        QSO Pts         Sections

20             116           232                   -
15             104           208                   -
Totals        220           440                  62

                     Score: 27,280

Power: 1000 Watts                  Hours of Op: 2

Club Affiliation: Northern Cal Contest Club

Well......Kids 6, Dad 0!! I lost out to major family obligations this
weekend. Between all of the activities the kids had, and a few my
wife had scheduled, I managed to only get in 2 hours. However, they
were a fun 2 hours. Both had 100+ rates. I was amazed how many
stations commented on the fact that I was their first SF Q. Didn't think
that this was a "rare" section this year. 

Had fun running for 2 hours. My location is on a ridge on Mt. Tamalpais, 
about 850' above SF Bay, with a clear shot to everywhere. The effective
height of the antenna is at about 150' above surrounding terrain, and
it has made domestic contesting a real blast. 

Sorry I couldn't stick around and hand out more Q's! Thanks for the QSO's..


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