[3830] W4WS SS M/S LP

HENRY HEIDTMANN n4vhk at summitschool.com
Mon Nov 17 13:52:30 EST 1997

M/S, LP(A)

507 Q, 79 M (SWEEP) =80,106


        Our first SS on SSB. Decided to run M/S with two guys/two rigs. We
ran low power, had a ball, especially 80 meters....the full horizontal loop
on 80 really performed well. Had several huge runs there and on 40 (tuning
the loop.) Lent the voice keyer to our buddy Ed, KU4BP to run SOLP. He's
gonna have to buy his own next time..The ts440 #2 rig auto tuner crapped out
and smoked 5 hours into the test. Ah, the smell of inductors combined with
kerosene(for heat in the outdoor shack...)
        Only negatives in the test were the wise guys on 80(and no call
signs,what else is new...)and a major midwest big gun who just decided to
jump on our freq...as if he couldnt hear me...funny how he answered a
visiting ham in my shack's call on the first try...no, we didnt confirm the
        Tnx to all for the patience thru the qrm...- especially to K6TKV for
the sweep (SB)
CU on the key for CQWW...
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