[3830] WB0O HP SS SSB

Patrick J. Korkowski pkorkows at badlands.nodak.edu
Mon Nov 17 16:48:39 EST 1997

                           1997 ARRL NOVEMBER SWEEPSTAKES
     Call used: WB0O (op, KB0O)                                Location: ND
     Category: Single Op All Band         Mode: PHONE           Power: 1500
     Callsign of Operator: WB0O  
     Exchanged Information: nr B WB0O 91 ND  
     Hours of Operation: 24:00
     band      QSOs     points    antenna(s)
     160          4          8	  160 sloper. 
      80        145        290    4-Square co-fed with inv-V @ 50'.
      40        591       1182    Quarter-wave vertical @ 50'.
      20        798       1596	  TH7 @ 50' pointed SE co-fed with
      15        225        450	  	TH7 @ 50' pointed SW.
      10          0          0	  QTH IS on 400' hill.				
     TOTAL     1763       3526   X   79 multipliers  =  278,554
When Bill told me that he had a cold this week and invited me to use his
I jumped at the opportunity.  It is too bad that I am not an experienced
phone op 
or I could have had a REALLY nice score at his wonderful station.  I don't
know if
I ever made a band change in less than five minutes which I think hurt the 
score and I don't know WHAT I was doing in the third hour, but my rate of
only 60 
took me out of the running.  Anyways, this was probably the most fun I have ever
had in a contest even though it was on Phone instead of CW.  I would like to
Bill, Martha, and Billy for all of the hospitality they showed me this weekend.
(They even fixed a flat tire on my car!)

73, Pat KB0O         

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