[3830] W4MR (AA4NC op) SS Phone (long)

Roberts, Will will.roberts at cplc.com
Mon Nov 17 17:58:45 EST 1997

W4 Mexican Radio  (AA4NC op)

SOHP no packet, no sleep, almost no sweep...

1701 x 79 = 268,750

23.933 hours

Radios: FT990 /AL1200,  IC736 / LK500ZC

Ants: 80 -inv. vee @ 120', 40- 402CD@ 130', 20 - 4/4 @ 120/50', 15 - 4L
@ 90'

Other apparatura: CT v9.something, old crappy homebrew voice keyer,
homebrew rig/ant switching (pays homage to the concept of duct tape)

Conditions were much improved over the CW weekend. We had clear, cold
weather and no sign of thunderstorms.
10m - 0 QSOs
15m- Basically off limits except for limited S&P from this part of the
country. There must be a rule against answering my CQs on that band.
Either that, or all my signal lands just outside Bunghole, Wyoming to be
received only by Prarie dogs involved in secret government experiments
(it's true! - I saw it on the X Files). We just listen longingly to the
west run here. Since there aren't many points in being a K6LL SWL, I
moved on down. 
20m - A pleasant surprise was how short 20m was here all weekend.
Normally, my 204BA @ 50' (fixed NE) is useless in SS. This time, it
bought a lot of W1/2/3 Qs that I usually don't get with longer skip.
(K9PG, my FS5PL compadre',  spends all of his off time here on my
frequency practicing his "Willy Billy Five Willy Billy Willy portable
Willy Billy Five" accent). 
40m - As usual, the slime pit of the phone bands. Even with high power
and a high antenna (probably too high), it was awful. Make note: put up
low dipole for next year. Make additional note: Pray to God to make
electromagnetic propagation impossible from 7.150 - 7.300 Mhz.
80m -The payback - low noise, high rate, but the ever present jammers. I
guess it was just me, but every frequency I chose was inhabited some
rabid, inbred-sounding wackos that sported the latest in 50kW broadcast
transmitters and noise makers. I was QRMed with vacuum cleaners, Gene
Tracy "Truckstop" tapes, air raid sirens, and my personal favorite -Led
Zeppelin (off the "Houses of the Holy" album, I think). 
Make note: Recommend that CAC make SS 80 meters only.
160m - 0 QSOs

I thought the sweep was guaranteed when VY1JA calls in the second hour.
This was not to be, as I had no KP4 and KL7 late Sunday. I made one of
my few 15m Qs when I ran across KP4CQ high in the band. I took a chance
and assumed that Alaska would call in on 20m. I was rewarded with
KL7FAP's # 14 at 2200Z. After that, I worked at least 4 others. When it

A shout out to my homey K4MA @ WP2Z for winning the whole thing...

To all those that I beat: It was my superior operating skill

To all those who beat me: It was pure luck, obviously a fluke    :>)

Now it's on to the W4WA multi-single and barbeque for WW code...

Very 73,

Will AA4NC / W4MR    

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