[3830] N2NC SS Phone report

John John
Mon Nov 17 23:53:02 EST 1997

Call: N2NC                     Section: NNJ  
Mode: SSB                      Category: Single Op/High

      BAND     QSO      
      160        1                
       80      582    dipole @ 45'         
       40      560    dipole @ 45'         
       20        5               
       15      168    40m dipole @ 45'          
       10        0                
     Totals   1316 X 79           
     Score:  207,928

Hours of operation:  about 18

Well I wasn't planning to operate that much, but the rates
were just too high the first night.  Highlight was
consecutive 144 and 148 hours on 75 meters.

Didn't really have a good antenna for 20 meters.  After I
worked VY1JA on 20 with my 80 meter dipole, I just needed
KL7 for a sweep.  I thought I might be able to find one on
15, but it soon became apparent that such a northern path
was not gonna happen on 15 sunday afternoon.  So back to 20
it was at around 2000Z to look for KL7.  I heard one answer
a CQ so I knew 20 was open up that way.  I went outside,
lowered my 40m dipole from the trees, folded each half of
the dipole in half and pulled it back up into the trees
(took about 5 minutes to do this).   I now had some sort of
20 meter antenna with a 4:1 SWR.  Found KL7FAP calling
someone as soon as I got back into the shack.  I dumped my
call in and he came right back.  I then took another 5
minutes to convert back to a 40 meter dipole.

And I thought I didn't like phone contests!

What other contest besides SS can you work so much stuff
with just some hanks of wires strung in the trees?

73, John N2NC
John R. Golomb <kz2s at exit109.com>

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