[3830] SSB SS N6RO M/S

Ken Keeler kenkeeler at jazznut.com
Mon Nov 17 21:19:06 EST 1997


        Callsign Used : N6RO

        Operators : N6RO, K3EST

         Category : MULTI-SINGLE       EAST BAY SECTION


   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults  =20


</bigger>   80SSB     153         153        306       5=20

   40SSB     412         410        820      11=20

   20SSB     502         501       1002      12=20

   15SSB     423         423        846      31=20

   10SSB      63          63        126      20=20


 Totals     1553        1550       3100      79=20

    Final Score =3D 244900 points.

We tried something different at Radio Oakley for the Phone SS.  Since
four of us could only put in about half time, we decided to run two
multi-single operations.  Rigged up switches to swap the antennas between
the two stations.  We had a plan to swap antennas at the start of each
hour to give each station a fair shot at the "prime" band.  But the
second station, K6AW, got a two hour late start while we wired up a
Dunestar/Top Ten system. We played it by ear the rest of the weekend to
try to balance the two scores.  Early Sunday AM before 15m opened and
after 40m died, one station had to endure a 20 Q hour, until 15 sort of
opened, and the same situation late Sunday, in reverse.  Neither station
could compete with a serious effort single op or multisingle because of
the antenna sharing, but this concept could work better in the upcoming
years, when 10m is productive  and there's less crowding on 20m during
the day, and 40 at night. We all had a good time even though this was
SSB!  No, N6RO did not work K6AW!  CU on 160 next month.


Ken Keeler    N6RO

KO6N  and N6O(CQP 97)

N6RO at jazznut.com   =20

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