[3830] W6XR SS PH

Natan Huffman force12e at lightlink.com
Tue Nov 18 13:22:17 EST 1997


221,990 points in 19.5 hours of operating

1406 QSOs and 79 

160	80	40	20	15	10

13	266	735	284	108	0



I personally do not like this contest, and found it a chore to put in the
19 + hours that I did.  One high point came 1 1/2 hours into the contest
when I worked VT for a sweep.  Have never accomplished a sweep that early.

Noticed that operation on 80 was well below 3800 including braying in the
DX window.  That practice hurts the overall image of contesters
considerably.  At times there was simply too many people wanting spaces in
too short a slice of spectrum.  Noticed that on 20 the band was unusable
from one end to the other.  This will cause us a problem in the future!

80 and 40 meter propagation was good to excellent and had good runs on
those bands.  20 was there and 15 was a minor disappointment.  However, 10
meters was a bust.  Had hoped to make good Qs on that band with all the
novice/tech ops, but only heard VI and PR on the band.  Did hear a few 6's
calling CQ, but the band was not supporting workable propagation.

Even though I don't like this contest, I am looking forward to # 31 for me
next year.


Natan W6XR/2

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