[3830] W1AW, W1VT SS Phone

Zack Lau zlau at arrl.org
Tue Nov 18 14:41:40 EST 1997

W1AW M CT 107,440  680 79 23.5

W1VT  Q CT 1080 30 18 2 

Someone gave me their really good 75M frequency--27Qs in 10 minutes,
100Qs in an hour, while the W1AW bulletin was running across the 
parking lot. An 8 kHz BW RF filter with really big toroids did a 
good job of eliminating the normally crushing signal.  (12/91 QST) 

Thanks to KL7Y for finding me--AA1GW spotted him on 20M while I was
running stuff on 15M--took only 5 minutes to change bands, hear a 
loud KL7 finishing a QSO, CQ way up the band, and put him in the 
log for the sweep.  

--Zack W1VT/KH6/QRP in the CQ WW CW contest--thinking of trying a
vertical on  a little island surrounded by salt water on 15M.

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