[3830] K6AW SS SSB M/S

Stephen Merchant merchant at silcom.com
Tue Nov 18 12:05:14 EST 1997

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Callsign Used:  K6AW
Operators:      K6AW, KX7M
Station:        N6RO
Section:        East Bay (EB)
Category:       Multi-Single
Hours Operated: 23:45

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults

   80SSB     185         185        370       6 
   40SSB     334         334        668      18 
   20SSB     439         434        868      53 
   15SSB     398         398        796       2 

 Totals     1356        1351       2702      79 

    Final Score = 213458 points.

This was the other half of the N6RO twin-multi experiment.  Ken had engineered
a fine set-up for sharing antennas.  Our only problem was some TopTen and
Dunestar gear we had never used previously.  The cabling was left to the very
last minute, and we all know what that means.  After nearly two hours of 
failure we opted to use the W3NQN filters and switch 'em by hand.  It was a
of fun to instruct Denny, KX7M (T94WW), on the finer points of the US-VE
abbreviations.  He did great and had a good time.  (This was after having gone
to the Rolling Stones concert the night before.  Small wonder he had any voice
left at all.)  Thanks to VY1JA (K6LA) for screaming at me long enough to
he was there.

Thanks for the Q's -- see everyone in CQWW CW.

73, Steve K6AW

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