[3830] K6RO SS SSB LP S/O

K6RO at aol.com K6RO at aol.com
Tue Nov 18 19:44:43 EST 1997

                      1997 ARRL SS K6RO

Call: K6RO
Section: LAX
Mode: SSB
Category: S/O LP
Time on: 24

Band     Qso's        Qso pts.       Sections

160        0                0                       0
 80        85              170                     .
 40        156             312                    .
 20        434             868                     .
 15        322             644                     .
 10        122             244
totals    1119          2238                  79  = 176,802 pts

One hour before the contest,10m was hot !  I was hoping that I could get a
few good hours out of my favorite band before it died.No such luck,as it
lasted only 30 minutes .It was fun while it lasted with the rate meter near
15m was so-so,and could never get any long runs going like I did last
year.Then on to 20m where it seemed like EVERYONE was there...So it was
mostly hunt and pounce with a few short runs inbetween.40 and 80 were tough
as they usually are with low power,so back to 20m as long as possible.
Sunday started out pretty good until I was told AD6DO was already 150 q's
ahead of me.It was not the best news,but I had to forget about it and go for
the gusto.
AD6DO is the new kid on the block in our area who is putting up some great
My goal was to beat last year's score and have fun...I did both,so all is
well...10m was also open sunday with s9 and up signals from the east
coast,but not enough of them..

The only problem I had this year was tuner-uppers following me up and down
the band.It happened saturday for about 2 hours and sunday off and on..I hope
this is not going to be a new trend...73 and cu in CQWW CW..Larry K6RO

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