[3830] W6TG SO/HP SS (N6ED-op)

Craig Gullickson gullick at emu.sp.trw.com
Wed Nov 19 10:47:35 EST 1997


      Call: W6TG (N6ED-op)            Section:  SJV
      Mode: SSB                      Category: Single Operator High


      160        0        0        -
       80      182      364        -
       40      466      932        -
       20      643     1286        -
       15      661     1322        -
       10        0        0        -

     Totals   1952     3904       79

     Score:  308,416         Hours of operation: 24


Definately a fun contest for me.  The bands were just packed
everywhere you looked!  I was very happy with the ops out there who
were very kind with QRM and moved if asked.  Nice to see that kind of

Out West here, we rely on the high bands which were very good this year
hence the reason for a few of us up in the standings.  It was a treat to
work 15 again with good rates.  Participation was up this year which
also helped.

I have to agree with all the 40m lovers out there that this band
SUCKS!!  I lost my run frequency 3 times right on the half hour when a
Gigawatt foreign broadcast station started up with the typical "Bing
Bwong Bing" right on top of me!  Oh well, I say we pin their coax before
the contest hi!

My thanks go out to my wonderful host Terry W6TG for the nice station
and great hospitality.  I was never hungry!

See you all next year! 
Craig, N6ED

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