[3830] W2LC SS Phone

W2LC w2lc at ix.netcom.com
Wed Nov 19 20:15:06 EST 1997


QSOs  1561,   Sects 78,   Score   243,516

Antennas:   80/40 trap dipole up 75 feet, 55ft at ends, one 250ft beverage
Yagis:        None,  well I have a PRO-67 in the basement,  doesn't work
too well from there

After getting a relatively hassle free permit for 80 feet (76ft of tower
and 4ft of mast), I ran out of snow free antenna putting up weather.  I
guess I was lucky to get the tower finished (by myself).  Why by myself ? 
It is hard to get guys to take off work with you to do tower and antenna
work on weekdays.

Really happy with the final score, since I only had a $10 homebrew trap
dipole to use.

73,  Scott W2LC

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