[3830] K5MDX SS Phone M/S

Ray Rocker rocker at datasync.com
Wed Nov 19 23:33:20 EST 1997

K5MDX multiop SS Phone score:

Band  QSOs
160      0
80      35
40    1094
20     509
15     140
10      55
Total 1833 x 2 x 79 sections == 289,614 points

Operators: WQ5L, KC5WCO, KR4QQ, N5FG
Hours Operated: 24

[For K4ZAM]
K5MDX (@N5FG)        MS    289,614    1833        79      24

Ain't no meters like 40 meters, at least when Sweepstaking from this
part of the world. Saturday night was one big bottomless pit of 
callers on 40. When we finally flipped the switch at 0830Z with
1159 Qs and all sections except KP4, we were feeling like one of
the big boys.

Sunday was less fun. None of us had ever operated in a 1000+ QSO
SS phone effort before and inexperience reared its head. Decisions
like how long to keep CQing on a seemingly clear frequency when
rate is low, or how much time to spend scanning 10 and 15 for those
surprise openings, are what sets the Top Tenners apart I guess.

We kept hoping for 10 to liven up on Sunday. For a little while
it cracked open to W2/W3/W8/VE3. Signals were light, the opening
didn't last, and rate was low due to having to explain the exchange
to most every caller and also that sorry we don't have a 10-10 number.
But seeing all those 1s in the serial number column is nice.

One bad mistake I made right at the end was stubbornly trying to
defend my 40m run frequency from encroachment by a loud W0 and 
watching the rate meter drop to the single digits before giving up. 
THEN I found a good frequency, ripped off a run of 25 in 15 minutes, 
only to discover that our 24 hours had run out 2 minutes before the 
run started! Arrrrrgh!

We had some insane pileups at times. However, they were much better
behaved than on CW. Asking for fills on partial calls actually worked
instead of the whole mass just calling again.

I didn't get heckled by the genetically-deficient jammer types even
once the whole weekend. KC5WCO had the misfortune of being at the
mic every time they found us. :-)

KC5WCO heads off to the USAF for basic training next week so this
is his last time contesting with us for a while. We will miss him. 
On the up side N5FG has found two new guys interested in operating
the 10 meter contest with us. Maybe there is hope for more activity 
from MS in the future.


-- Ray  WQ5L  rocker at datasync.com

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