[3830] Re: 2 element sky warmer wires

K4OJ at aol.com K4OJ at aol.com
Sun Nov 23 19:13:04 EST 1997

In a message dated 97-11-23 10:30:52 EST, drussell at knox.net writes:

                I was thinking of a 2 element 80 or 40 mtr wire beam pointed
                straight up.  Figured that would be a good cloud warmer for
                lots of close in q's.  Actually thought I was being stupid
                even thinking about this, but then I saw in someones report
                that they actually did this on 80 mtrs and ended up with I 
                think over 500 Q's.  Might have been a high power station,
                I don't remember.  Can't remember who did this.

lots of people use a dipole with a reflector 5% longer underneath it, this
was publicized by the best dressed man in contesting, K3LR....think it was in
NCJ if memory serves.  This was many years ago when Tim really was into
SS.....now that he is a big gun DX-contest multi-multi kind of guy it seems
the SS has lost its charm ...



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