[3830] K0DU 97 SS MS SCORE

Ukbrown at aol.com Ukbrown at aol.com
Tue Nov 25 20:34:09 EST 1997

K0DU     Muli Single  SS Phone    band     qso
                                                     80       107
                                                     40       393
                                                     20       668
                                                     15       579

Op.  K0DU, K0CL, N0ZA, K0UK

Rigs--  TS-570   TS-830S  HENRY AMP  KT34XA at 60ft  80mtr dipole at 55ft  40mtr
dipole @50ft  HYTOWER and HOMEBREW 40mtr vertical

At the start of the contest we realized that the desk mike was not going to
work and K0CL was not going to get his heil headset to us.  We took a plastic
coat hanger to rig up a boom mike set up but the vox had to be set up so high
that when you hit the keys on the keyboard and when the house dogs would bark
that wouldkey the rig.  What a beginning.  

Like the Broncos look out for next year.  Thanks to our wives and family for
their support both physical and spirtual.

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