[3830] KM0L CQWW cw

Steve Lufcy km0l at tfs.net
Sun Nov 30 01:13:44 EST 1997

CQWW CW 1997

call: KM0L
cata: SO HP allband
country: USA
zone: 4

line: KM0L  831 Q's   112 zones   266 countries => 859,950   20.7 hrs

band    Q's    z       c
 160       6     6       6     inv L
  80      29    13     17    inv V at 60'
  40    150    24     64    rotatable dipole at 65'
  20    254    24     68    A4 at 65'
  15    266    28     67     "
  10    126    17     44     "
total   831    112   266    =>   859,950 score

club: Kansas City DX Club

rig: TS-940s,  TL-922A, MLA2500B
      pentium90 w/ CT9.26

soap: GAWD! This is fun! How do you spell relief? T E N  M E T E R S ! 
Our multi-op at the bib station fell thru at the last minute so I ended up
doing a half hearted effort from home. Thought for a minute I was in the
big time when my TL-922 went up in smoke Saturday night. Re-wired the
MLA2500B for 220v and threw it in-line and kept on truckin'. Slept both
nights. But got up early Sunday morning to try to catch some JA's on 40 and
80. Knew it was gonna be gud cause 20 was open to Europe well before
sunrise. Worked some JA's, ZL's, and VK's on low bands then found 10 meters
was  cookin'. Wow! Rate meter hit 150/hr running Europeans on 10. Way Cool!
This was the best I've heard the bands in the last few years. Made me
remember why I like contesting so much. I felt like I owned 10 meters with
my tribander and 800 watts. Life is swell.
15 open to Europe all morning and then to JA in afternoon. This is the way
it's supposed to be.
With more than one band open I was able to squeeze my signal in on 20
meters for some CQ's and even got some answers. There is hope for the
little pistols.
Knocked off Sunday afternoon to watch the Chiefs make mincemeat outta the
49er's. It just doesn't get any better than this.
Guess there is life in the ol'bands.
So guess I'll catch everyone in the next one.
73 de KM0L Steve in KC

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