[3830] W4PA - NAQP CW

Scott Robbins srobbins at usit.net
Sun Aug 2 14:22:58 EDT 1998

W4PA NAQP CW single op 

By band,
160:    51/22
80:    111/38
40:    163/42
20:    157/47
15:     98/36
10:     28/16
total: 608/201 = 121,806 claimed in 10 hours operating.
off times: 1925-1955, 2101-2131, 2337-0007, 0203-0233

Team: Tennessee Contest Group #1

Stuff: two Ten-Tec Omni-VI Plus xcvrs (natch)

As has been said, the conditions were stinko.  I ended up taking 30
minutes off in the second hour.  Probably (retrospect is crystal 
clear) should have skipped that last off time in exchange for the
last 30 minutes of the contest, but I was concerned about getting
enough contacts on 160.  Duh, sports fans, this isn't January and
I should have known better.  The west coast was having a hard time
hearing us on 80; I called several S7 stations with no response.

The good news:  The tree trimmers are supposed to be here Wednesday.
The 40m beam will rise from the ashes (for the third time).  

Scott Robbins, W4PA 
scenic Gatlinburg, TN 

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