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Sun Aug 2 18:37:09 EDT 1998

NAQP CW August
K7BV at K5RC/7
Dennis Motschenbacher
10 hours Operating

160		  10	   8
80		  48	 26
40		129	 42
20		212	 50
15		114	 37
10		   4	  4
Tot - 	517	167  =  86,339

A truly humbling experience, indeed.  First semi 2 radio contesting effort as
Tom K5RC builds his station up in Virginia City, NV.  We didn't have all the
controls in place BUT it sure was fun to get my first taste of what so many of
you have enjoyed for years.  And I am sure that using 2 radio contesting only
COST me about 75 Qs as my arms flailed all around getting used to this mode of
operating - I understand that reverse with time. Right??

Tks for the fun Guys AND Gals - I worked at least 5 different YLs.  Is this a
new CW contesting trend? Hope so...

73 Denis Motschenbacher K7BV
(Have you checked your NCJ renewal date lately)

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